Puppies and adults available for placement
Updated: November 25, 2015
Do you have
allergies and
looking for a hypoallergenic
****Looking for a
rescue kerry?***
If you would like to offer A
home to  kerry in need
please visit webSITE of
The United States Kerry Blue
Terrier Club

Why you should know
where is your cute puppy  
REALLY coming from!
AKC registered doesn't mean
that puppy is coming from
responsible breeder.

Finding puppy on the website
doesn't mean you are making
the right choice.

How to recognize back yard

How to read those ads- LINK

And much more about puppy
mills and backyard breeders-
There are NO puppies available at this time.
We are in proces of choosing a sire with full health
tests and good temperament.

Stay tuned for updates.
Duvessa, Dunkerrin and Daronica 2003